Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog Post 10

There is lot to be learned for Sir Ken Robinson, mainly that he believes there is an immediate need to change the way in which we educate. After viewing ”Bring on the Learning Revolution”. Mr. Robinson stresses the need for a educational revolution because no one way of doing any particular thing is correct and believing so only hinders us. He uses the idea that not landing a high paying job constitues wasting ones life. As an example he mentioned someone he'd encountered at a book signing who worked as a fire/rescue employee, he said he was told by his teacher at a young age that if he chose this as a career it would be a waste of his life. I believe the worst thing we as educators or even as mentors can do is to discourage a child from his or her dreams and aspirations. If we change our way of thinking now, engage in an educational revolution, and shift to a non traditional approach to teaching where a students individual qualities are assessed we will certainly be changing for the better.

Another thing I learned from Mr. Robinson was that many people only exist, they aren't actually living. I say this because of his mention of people who love what they do versus those who just put up with their profession. I would hate to live my entire life doing a job that I didn't truly enjoy or a job for which I did not have a true passion. I have always wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people and one of the most postitive ways to do that is to give them an educational experience they can carry with them for a lifetime and I honestly believe that in order to accomplish this we have to continuously change with the times, not adapt once the change has occured.


  1. I agree with what you are saying. I especially liked the point you made about encouraging kids to do what they want to do. I think that is such an important thing for teachers to do because if a teacher crushes a child's dream, I think it could definitely hinder their will to want to learn in the future.

  2. " order to accomplish this we have to continuously change with the times,…" I agree.

    Thoughtful. Interesting.