Sunday, March 16, 2014

C4T #2

C4T#2 Summary I was assigned Daniel Edwards' blog entitled “pedagogy first-technology”. In short, I feel that Mr. Edwards set out to expose some of the weaknesses that are prevelant in the field of education. One issue he mentioned that was of particular interest to me was how North American students rank considerably lower than other countires on an international level. He believes that teachers not wanting to accept that technology is a major part of the education process is in essence harmful to the students. He believes that now, more so than any other period in time, is an exciting time to be a teacher. We have more technological advances than ever before and with more opportunities than previous generations were afforded. His issue however, was whether or not teachers are taking full advantage of these opporunites because so many of them are reluctant to leave behind the way of teaching they were taught. Mr. Edwards spent a particular amount of time discussing "flipping the classroom". He speaks of the benefits associated with this concept and also the reservations that some teacher have with incorporating such concepts into their classrooms. I really enjoyed reading this blog, below is my response:

My name is Ty Walker and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. This was a very thoughtful post! Technology is very important to the learning process and so is change. Even now, many teachers are hesitant to branch out from the traditional methods of teaching despite the fact that their students can potentially suffer. I agree with you about the general lack of concern about how poorly students test on a national level and I believe technology has a lot to do with that situation. Some school systems have already began to provide students as young as Kindergarten age with an iPad or mac book which is a step in the right direction. This can improve the learning process and provide students with better opportunities. Change is inevitable and in order to effectively compete with other nations, as far as education is concerned, every teacher should do their part to ensure that we are enhancing the learning process for our students.

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