Sunday, March 16, 2014

Post 8

As teachers, we have a responsibility to help our students learn to the best of our abilities. Often times, this includes introducing them to new tools that can make the learning process easier and more interesting and it seems nothing can accomplish this more than the use of technology. These tools help students become more self-sufficient and also help with communication skills though collaborations a student may have with others using the same resources. I have found many resources that valuable learning and communication tools but some stuck out more than others.

I really enjoyed the resources provided by Edmodo. The site is open to students as well as teachers and one of its main focuses is establishing a Personal Learning Network. It is a tool that allows teachers to communicate with their students outside of class while providing an environment where students are expected to work independently, collaborate with other students, and exchange information. Along with document sharing options students can view and upload videos and other important documents, for instance a group project. Last but not least, parents can be kept in loop about their child’s learning process and can communicate with the teacher if any questions arise.

Edmodo is one of many tools available to students and teachers but it is one that encompasses many useful things. I think more tools like this are needed to be an effective 21st Century teacher because it keeps the students engaged while also encouraging them to be independent.


  1. Tywondra,
    I am an EDM510 student visiting your blog this week. I had never heard of Edmodo before reading your post. You have given a nice summary and made it interesting enough to make me click the link and give it a try! I was immediately surprised and how "facebook" it looks. Students should be able to relate to the social media vibe this tool generates. It will be interesting to continue exploring this site. Do you know of anyone personally that uses this site?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Edmodo really does seem like it would be useful in the classroom. Your description of it was very interesting and I think it's pretty awesome that parents can be involved with their children's learning through this tool. I think your post did a great job of showing how technology can be beneficial in the classroom.

  3. Some is plural. Did you find any other tools? Next semester the assignment will read Find three of more...